When Real Stone Veneers of TN was established in Whitwell, TN in 2009, we hoped that our business would find a place in the community, but only in our wildest dreams did we consider one day starting and running another company. Thankfully, as the years passed, we grew from a small supplier of local stone to a large-scale wholesaler that provides stone to dealers all over the U.S.A. When considering “what comes next,” we came to Real Stone Siding and Block. 

We longed to make stone accessible to anyone for any project – and from that, Real Stone Siding & Block was established in 2019 out of our Dunlap facility. Our mortarless DIY panels, kits, and block system allow anyone to install real stone with no previous masonry experience. With stone that we cut and quarry from many regions of the U.S, our quality products set us apart from the competition. Our customer service and love for natural stone show in our dedication to providing a unique, cost-effective DIY stone product with which to beautify your home or landscape. Give Real Stone Siding & Block a try, you’ll be glad you did!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be installed inside the house?

Absolutely it can, our panels and blocks can be installed on any interior or exterior application.

Can I install this myself?

We designed our products to be easily installed by any person, even those with no masonry experience.

Can I install this over sheetrock?

 As long as the screws are securely anchored, our panels can be installed over any substrate.

How do you cut the siding to fit around windows, doors, etc?

A circular saw with a diamond blade is the easiest way to cut the panels.

Are these blocks real stone?

Yes, our stone is 100% natural stone. It’s not made from concrete and dye like other stone panels, ours is the real deal!

How many styles/colors do you have?

We have eight types of stone available currently.

Can I get a sample?

Yes, please contact us at 423-556-2356 for more information.

How heavy are the panels?

The stone panels are only 15-20 lbs per SF.

Do I need a brick ledge to start on?

No, you do not need a brick ledge.

Do you have corners?

Yes, the panels and block system both have corners.

Do you have sills/drip ledge/water tables?

Yes, sills are offered in brown, gray flagstone or TN fieldstone.

What is the cost difference between this and other stone options?

Using our stone panels as opposed to traditional veneer masonry saves you money and time— You can expect no less than 20-30% cost savings (regional market variances apply) and more than a 50% time savings!

Do you have a distributor in my area?

Please call us at 423-556-2356 for more information.

Where is your company located?

We proudly manufacture this product in Dunlap, TN.